Friday, March 2, 2012

windows 8 consumer preview.

It will be good news for the windows software and application users.
Microsoft has released its incomplete version of windows 8 Operating System (OS) and make it avaliable to the public to use.

Microsoft have been providing best quality of software and applications to their users. And now they are continuing this services by launching windows 8 consumer review.

                   here is the link given

Consumer can download the consumer preview of windows 8, try out and give a feed back to the Microsoft.
Anyone can download the new version of Windows, but it will only work on PCs and laptops running standard Intel Corp x86 chips. Consumers will have to wait longer to try out the full experience on ARM-compatible tablets.
According to the Microsoft, consumer from more than 70 countries have downloaded the new version of windows.

Microsoft have claimed that it will take market soon because of better performance, quality and reliability and the special feature that Microsoft has introduced and that is Windows Store.users can download and try out apps and get access to cloud storage with the ability to move content across a range of devices including Windows phones. It also uses a test version of Microsoft's newest browser, Internet Explorer 10.

 Hope it will works as they said.
 Lets try it once.

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