Friday, September 14, 2012

iPhone 5

Mostly awaited smart phone iPhone 5  has been finally unveiled by apple on 12 September in san fransisco. iPhone 5 came up with several new features like improved battery life than in previous iPhone versions, i sight camera, smaller dock connecter having 9 pins, 4G LTE connectivity, wide screen, iOS 6, nano sim supported, redesigned EarPods  etc.
iPhone 5 features

In my personal view what i like about new iPhone 5 are :

Thinnest iPhone 5 has new feature called 4G LTE connectivity . LTE is Long Term Evolution 4G wireless communication standard which supports more than 10 times of 3G networks for wireless communication. Another new feature in iPhone 5 is iSight camera. iPhone camera is world popular camera , now apple has introduced iSight camera on iPhone 5

Nano sim card is the thin sim card. As we can see in our cell phones the normally we use micro sized sim card but this time iphone 5 will only supports nano sim card. In my personal view apple has reduced the size of sim card is just removed the unnecessary part of the sim cards which is the plastic portion around the main metal part of the sim.

According to the apple another interesting part in iPhone 5 faster performance  and graphics. It uses A6 chips which causes faster performances than ever and high graphic performances causes smooth video, play games etc.

Better graphical map made easier to find  place and direction easier than before. Initial reviews and survey about iPhone 5 shows although its price would be quite expensive , people are still crazy about iPhone and soon iPhone 5 will take over the market.

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