Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Windows phone apps Development in Nepal

People are getting very lazy these days to carry their laptops and use their old desktop PCs.Now they needs more portable device that can do all the work that their old Desktop PCs and laptops. Mobile technology became so popular around the world among the people from different place from different age group.

Child,teens,adults,Man,woman every body loves mobile technology.To be honest to say mobile technology became part of the daily life of the peoples.Busy life is one of the reason that mobile technology became so popular. People needs each and every work done without moving a  step. Mobile technology have made these dream comes true. mobile technology fulfilled the desires of the people. more portable - easy to carry everywhere.Most of the function it can do as like Desktop PCs and laptops.

Nepal is one of the technology enthusiast country. In  very short time period the number of cell phone users have been steadily increased. Now we can see the mobile phone in each and everybody's pocket. Mobile phones like android , i phone , black berry , smart phones are quite popular among the mobile enthusiasts. Among these mobile phones a new mobile phone called " WINDOWS PHONE " have been introduced in our country Nepal a few years ago.
It has advanced feature more than those cellphones that i have mentioned earlier. It is gaining popularity among the cellphone users world widely and even in our country Nepal also.

Keeping in mind the craziness about windows phone in Nepal, Microsoft Innovation Center, Nepal had provided an opportunity to develop own application for windows phone for limited time period and i was one of the luckiest guy to participate on this apps development program for windows phone. I developed an application called "romance meter " this application is all about love and romance and is quite interesting for entertainment purpose.

MIC Nepal organized a 5 days boot camp to develop windows phone apps. Though it sounds 5 days of time would not be sufficient to develop an apps but it would be sufficient to develop simple apps. But if are thinking of developing some complicated programming to develop games and more advanced then it might take more than 5 days , this depends upon the apps developer and how much time they allocated to develop the apps.
After developing the apps the developer can upload their apps on apps hub and make apps available to all people so that they can enjoy your application. All the application can be downloaded from market place

and you will paid if your application will be downloaded a more than 100 times or 1000 thousand times. i am sorry that i forgot the actual amount of application that should be downloaded to get paid. but if you are really interested to develop the windows phone application you can contact Microsoft Innovation Center. 

Another thing that i should not forget is developer who joins this 5 days boot camp to develop the windows phone apps can get 99 $ free subscription and can upload 100 application on free of cost. Although this program have been finished but if there are numbers of enthusiasts to develop the windows phone apps then Microsoft Innovation Center might run this program again because Microsoft Innovation Center warmly welcomes to all who really wants to contribute in technology sectors and for windows platforms. and if you do not get opportunity to develop windows phone don't be sad you can get another opportunity to develop windows 8 application. MIC will be organizing very soon the windows 8 application development.

If you are really interested in programming then you can join those above program that i mentioned in the earlier paragraphs and contribute to Nepal develop new application, and introduce yourself as a popular programmer from Nepal.and finally i would like to wish best of luck to all those IT enthusiast and who are hard working and are contributing in IT sector to make changes and to make Nepal proud.

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