Saturday, March 24, 2012

Be the Hacker

Hey guys. wanna learn something about hack. you might be interested to hack your girlfriend Facebook account , boyfriend Facebook account, G-mail, yahoo and so on and so on. not only this , but if you have little bit of knowledge about hacking and you are the student of IT then this software gonna probably help you out. I am talking about BackTrack-5 which is the Linux distribution. This is the free software that is used for network penetration testing and use for network hack. What you have to do is learn about the Command Line Interface (CLI) because most of the hacking are done through CLI and in the backtrack 5 also there is huge number of commands that you have to know if you want to perfect hacker. but if you want little bit of knowledge about hacking then you are not required to know all the commands.
if you want to learn deeply about hacking and backtrack then i will guide you guys. register to make account and ask me the questions you have. i will answer your questions.
Its simple and easy to use. so guys wont u use it??but beware guys don't do hack for threatening and for making money.Use this software for educational purpose and for fun among friends. This software also teaches the way to protect your computer, websites, mail accounts and so on. if you know the way how hackers hack the sites and computers then you will probably able to protect your computer. so guys lets protect your computer and your data . every day somebody is hacked don't be the victim when you are capable of protecting your computer yourself. good luck guys


  1. Back | Trak 5 is this compatible with windows version or only linux..

  2. back track is live CD and this is Linux version.If you want to run backtrack on windows you can run on virtual box.